Mid-Century Cafe was conceptualised over a number of years . It started off with the idea for a vintage kitchenalia shop selling goods, hand selected for their quirkiness, fun or fine features and to serve a little coffee on the side. We imagined a smallish place where people could be comfortable, have a browse, a bit of a chat and get good old fashioned service.


It needed to operate as a successful business but also be a little bit different and quite a bit of fun.

After much thinking, researching and planning we began to talk seriously about what it might take to make this dream a reality.This venture was going to be something quite different.

A business proposal was developed and a search began for looking for a space and you know how people say “dream big” ? Well we really did.


When we saw the old Charlie Carters site on Michael Street in Yokine was available, the little shop evolved into a cafe.  As well as filling a gap in the local community, the site had enough room to create several scenes straight from the kitchens and lounges of the mid-century era that we love so much. Each item on display or on sale has been lovingly sourced to turn Mid-Century Café and Collectables into a reality.


We have worked hard to create a sense of place at the café that tempts patrons to taking a moment to connect with family and friends or to ease through an afternoon in a cool and comfortable setting that is authentic as they are.


Mid century emerged as a fusion of retail and retro, café and collectables. It's filled with eye catching features and interest points and is light and bright and warm and inviting all at the same time. We have put our heart into the cafe to make sure it celebrates the household fashions of the 50s, 60s and 70s and some of the values from that era too.


Friends would describe us as hard-working, fun loving people with a great sense of humour. In many ways our values reflect the lifestyle of the bygone era celebrated within the café.


Mid Century Café and Collectables opened in February 2016.


*Collecting collectables takes some time as does finding just the right location The family’s carport and front verandah served as storage for an inordinate amount of time, and still they have not been restored to their rightful use!!!